Friday, January 15, 2010


"Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you." – Anonymous

i never really took notice of her when i interviewed her last week.

our office needed to fill a position urgently and luckily she perfectly fits the qualifications we were looking for. she’s a new office recruit and started working just this monday.

while we were having our lunch last tuesday, i was eating at a table of one of my staffers and she was sharing a table with another staffer, i caught myself staring at her.

i was examining how lovely her face is. very simple. very angelic. and i must admit, i was smitten by her.

good thing i snapped out of it before she noticed me staring at her.

suddenly, i just realized that she looked a lot like a classmate i once courted way back when i was in college. unfortunately, that classmate and i never got to be an item as i did not push through with the courting. that was the time when i was strongly questioning my sexuality. but i’m confident had i pursued her, there would have been a great chance that she would have said yes to me. nonetheless, we remained really good friends.

up until now, i still sometimes think what if i had pursued her, my life would have been totally different. come to think of it, she was the only girl that i’ve imagined being married to and have a children with. but i guess, it is better that i did not pursue her.

she was the last girl that i was totally in to. up until ms. new office recruit came in.

everyday i have been finding reasons for me to call her in my office. i just can’t stop adoring her lovely face. and my heart skips a happier beat everytime i hear her voice. haaayyyy :”>

she’s one of the reasons why i want to wake up in the morning and report to work to.

anyway, i think this is just a phase that i will get over with in time. This is just an admiration, plain and simple admiration. a crush.

good thing she has a boyfriend.

this got me thinking. i want to meet her boyfriend. ;)


Galen said...

What if his boyfriend looks very much like you?

anteros' dominion said...


engel said...

thought you're straight. =D

Chuckie said...

Nice. I also had this huge crush back then. She got it all - she's intelligent, dresses very well everyday in school, good talker, nice humor, rich and of course, the kinky eyes. Name it all, she got it.

But you see, it all changed the moment i noticed one of her groupmate back then. And he had kinky eyes too! Lol

..And the rest is history =p

citybuoy said...

inspiration's always good. haha i love galen's question.

@chuck ~ what are kinky eyes?

Darc Diarist said...

ay girls... haha

♥ ruby ♥ said...

at least you're inspired to go to work. :)

Anonymous said...

i'd like to believe that we could still go back to our roots if you now what i mean. haha!

Chuckie said...

@citybuoy Woops. I was supposed to say chinky. I had other things on my mind hehe.

lee said...

@galen: uhm. d ko lam paano sagutin yung tanong hahaha

@anteros: ui kinilig hehehe

@engel: you thought wrong lols but ms. new office recruit got me all confused =D

@citybuoy & ruby: inspiration's good but it can also be distracting hehehe d ako mkaconcentrate sa work

@darc: hahahaha nagiging lesbiana na ata ako

@max: hmmmmm... napapaisip tuloy ako =D

@chuckie: hala! distracted? ano ba kasi yang nasa isip mo? =D

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