Monday, January 11, 2010

i once lurked

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

i did some major bloghopping yesterday.

i back read entries of blogs that i follow and browsed through on ones that i have just chanced upon.

somehow, it just dawned to me. it’s amazing how diverse people’s experiences, thoughts and ideas are. but at the same, how similar. all in all, i learned from each of the entries that they have posted.

i realized how boring my life has been. my life experiences have never been close to as exciting as the experiences of people that i’ve read. this got me thinking, why not live a more spontaneous life this year?

i was once just a “lurker” in the blog world. i silently read people’s entries. eavesdropped on their private conversations. smiled at their good times. and at times, even cringed on their twisted thoughts. but i was just that, i lurked and i was silent.

i have witnessed blogs being shut down. some temporarily took a blog leave and came back with better stories to tell. but most of the blogs i’ve followed, and i’m glad, have continued to share their experiences. i never missed a day without checking on their blog updates.

blog reading has been a sort of therapy for me. it’s an escape. i forget the reality that i am in and i place myself in the realities of others. this is actually good for someone who lives a very normal and boring life, like me.

but, i think i found a better therapy in writing. i have been writing about too much technical stuff that i have forgotten how to write from the heart. the very few entries that i have posted here have made me feel better. though they might not be as amazing as other bloggers’, but at least i’d get to finally share to others my thoughts, ideas and experiences. and it feels good to know that, for a change, other people will be reading, eavesdropping, smiling and, yes, even cringe on my thoughts. and as simple as my thoughts are, at least i’d get to impart to others my opinion.

there are just too much boxed random thoughts in my head, that i just need to write them down to make room for more random thoughts.

one improtant thing though that made me want to write more is knowing that i’d get a chance to connect with new people who will share or disagree with my ideals and experiences. and i think i need that. exciting people who will perk up my seemingly normal life, even just in the blogosphere. :)


Andrei Alba said...

never stop writing.

and never stop reading.

we learn from one another.

life is so wonderful we have to take advantage of it as much as possible.

engel said...

i always say, we write to express and not to impress.

it's really nice that you decided to make your own blog, and not just 'lurk'. alot of us would really like to know the people who eavesdrop on our lives.

and everyone thinks their lives are boring. i know i do. =D

anteros' dominion said...

continue writing

let the voice of the blogs you read inspire you to find your own style

i believe you can make it

Chuckie said...

I also once lurked, eavesdropped and just listened. But now, I always try to comment as much as possible to blogs I follow. It's nice when it's interactive diba?

Don't worry we're just here, eavesdropping too! Just let your hand take over the keyboard and write whatever you feel writing. I'll listen to whatever that is :)

Galen said...

One good thing about blogging is that you're never troubled expressing yourself to others because of your anonymity.

We are.

♥ ruby ♥ said...

We're all connected. If magaling ka, pwede din connect the dots ang stories. Haha. :D

I love blog-hopping! You get to know more people and their colorful lives! :D

Darc Diarist said...

ang-galing noh? that's why i love reading you guys. it's a vicarious adventure for boring people like me. and what's even nicer is that most are welcoming :)

here's to lurkers! hehe

lee said...

@andrei: that's the reason why i've continued reading and opened my own blog - because i'd get to learn from others as they will also learn from me (i hope =D)

@engel: i had to take it to the next level and not settle to just lurking :)

@anteros: thank you :)

@chuckie: yep, mas masaya when it's interactive. and i hope that we'd get to eavesdrop on your stories as well :) thanks for listening.

@galen: thank you. don't you think it's ironic that anonimity allows you to reveal more of yourself? =D

@ruby: hahaha ginagawa ko yang connect ng stories. ang sarap makichismiss sa buhay buhay ng mga tao =D

@darc: i agree with you that people here are very welcoming. you feel like you belong even if you're new =D

Anonymous said...

blogging has been a therapy for me too. it's like having my my own pensieve. it keeps me sane and controlled because without it, i think i'm gonna explode, haha.

i was once a lurker too. blogging's much better than just lurking around.

so horaay for blogging!

and good thing you started your own. :)

MkSurf8 said...

a lot of us started as lurkers. now we're flashers! hahaha

thanks for visiting my site. keep writing. we keep reading =)

@ ruby: baby turuan mo ako mag connect the dots. hehehe

lee said...

@maxwell: seizure attack kapag walang blog reading =) and yes, blogging is waaaaaaayyy better than just lurking.

@mksurf8: hahaha i like that! from lurkers to flashers =D

Manech said...

I always believe in power and beauty of writing, regardless of form, style or content. But beyond that, blogging has opened me up to a whole new avenue of expression, of connecting with other people.

I'm glad that you're enjoying it.

Here's to more posts.


citybuoy said...

sorry but this is going to be a little vain. it's just i feel like this is sooo up my alley.

the reason i called my blog citybuoy is because i feel like my blog is a buoy. it keeps me afloat. ang gulo gulo ng mundo. para kang malulunod but because of that little place on the interweb, parang i feel a little more secure. lalo na pag nagba-backread ako tapos nakikita ko yung mga kaengengan ko.. haha

and i learn soooo much from other bloggers. bloggers like you. :D i hope you keep writing. we gain as much from your posts as you do. :D

dabo said...


your blog must be self-serving. you are its master. be self-centered. an atom needs a nucleus, an earth needs a core, a solar system need a sun..

meaning you are interesting. andaming pwedeng ikwento. explore!

start from there. congrats!

lee said...

@manech: yes, i'm really enjoying it. thanks to bloggers like you for sharing :)

@citybuoy: thank you :) interesting trivia there on the story behind your blog's name.

@dabo: ang deep hehehe thank you :)

ecarg said...

just visiting your page, inspiring blogs.. keep on writing!!

MakMak said...

"don't you think it's ironic that anonimity allows you to reveal more of yourself?"

- When you're in disguise, you can do the things that you've always wanted to do without worries. The same goes for writing. =)

That's anonymity for you, man.

Anonymous said...

You know what, these are most or less the words I would have written. I also find blog reading therapeutic. Yet I also find myself thinking that there's not much excitement going on in my life when compared to the lives of these writers.

But maybe, just maybe, all we need is a healthy dose of outsiders' different perspectives for it to dawn on us that we've got our own stories and thoughts to share to the world, especially to those lurkers who would eventually find their way in our own realm of thoughts. =)

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