Monday, January 4, 2010

just do it!

"The best way to get something done is to begin." - Author Unknown

i think i really need to focus now and not get distracted so easily. enough of procrastination. i really have to work on and finish my paper.

i’ll do just that.


promise =D


Eisen said...

Ditto! :D

Andrei said...

of course you can do that.

ikaw pa.

♥ ruby ♥ said...

starting it is the hardest step. pag nasimulan mo na, tuloy-tuloy na yan. :D

engel said...

i miss procrastination and cramming. oh college life.

Chuckie said...

Same here! I always put in mind to procrastinate later but i always end up cramming pa rin hehe. I'm an expert in this field haha.

Goodluck on your paper bro :)

Anonymous said...

procastination can be a b*tch sometimes.

so get rid of that b*tch and get started right now. :)

lee said...

@eisen: :)

@andrei: yep, kayang kaya 'to :) thanks.

@ruby: actually nasimulan na. it's just a matter of finishing it =D

@engel: d ko namiss ang procrastination at cramming. kasi kahit after college eh nagkikita kami lol

@chuckie: same here :) pero im trying to change the attitude :)

@maxwell: yah, it's a b*tch. and it bit me hard. haaayyy...

PS: as of press time, natapos ko na :) assignment 2 next!

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