Friday, January 1, 2010

a hearty lol

"You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." - Stephen King (Hearts in Atlantis)

i greeted the new year with a big smile on my face.

nothing special really happened. it was the usual new year’s celebration that we have been having. just a simple celebration with family.

i guess it was knowing that i left behind the unnecessary emotional baggage that i have been carrying the past weeks. and finally, i think i have found the peace of mind. i just couldn’t help but smile.

i had set out to finish three of my long-overdue post grad assignments today. but, the procrastinator in me once again prevailed. i practically ate, slept and surfed the net the whole day. i have tomorrow and sunday to finish it anyway (oh wait! i have to work tomorrow. ugh!).

as i was browsing through my facebook account earlier, i just couldn’t ignore the posts of my “ex-SO”. so yeah, i viewed his profile. what i read in his “about me” just, well... made me speechless for awhile, but then, i just had to laugh.

"i know cannot end the night without doing this number. Kahit saan ako magperform this has been my most requested number in all of my shows...i will always love you!" lani

i know most would not consider this funny. but hey, i know he adores lani misalucha but putting that in his about me box in facebook is just plain funny. and what’s up with posting the Profile interview of lani video links. talk about obsessed.

also, he unlisted himself as married after i unlisted myself as in a relationship.

i don’t know if i’m just bitter or what, but hey this just made my day. =D

reading through my previous post, i realized i was just too cheesy and emo. but now, i can finally say that i have picked up the remaining pieces of my once “broken heart” with what I saw in his profile.

now i can finally have a very hearty laugh.

ugh! i just had to blog about this. =D

and with that, i will leave you with this.


thecurioscat said...

hehe d namn halata na fan siya ni lani, it's good that you're healing na, dapat masaya na lahat sa 2010

Andrei said...

not resorting to being bitter, eh. have a nice new year ahead of your, lee.

engel said...

magaling naman si lani ah. =D

anteros' dominion said...

hindi madaling hilumin ang pusong sawi

gayunman, nais kitang batiin dahil na rin sa kaya mo nang makahanap ng dahilan upang makangiti

lee said...

@xtian: d lng fan, obsessed fan tlaga. friend niya si lani sa fb hehehe

@andrei: a wonderful new year to you as well :)

@engel: hehehe magaling nga naman si lani =D

@anteros: salamat. matagal rin bago ako nakahanap ng dahilan upang ngumiti. :)

caloy said...

lahat ng sugat ay naghihilom sa paglipas ng panahon. :D

Andrei said...

nabasa ko na nga pala ang hearts in atlantis. the old man and the kid, eh?

Victor Gregor said...

Lani Misalucha. I guess that makes it easier for you to move on. LOL.

Jumped from Max's page.

lee said...

@caloy: yep it does. im healing na :)

@andrei: i think hehehe actually, i haven't read that book =D

@victor: thank God for lani misalucha. ang dali kong nakaget over lol

♥ ruby ♥ said...

I'm happy that you're healing. :D (feeling close, hehe)

Hope 2010 will be a good year for you. :)

Darc Diarist said...

lol. si lani misalucha lang pala ang makakapagpa-move on. this calls for a celebration! videoke ng lani misalucha songs? hehe

lee said...

@ruby: yep, im definitely healing na. ok lng close na tayo =D

@darc: celebration definitely! duet tayo i will always love you lol

wanderingcommuter said...

thats a nice way to start the new year... tama na ang emo.. dapat positive thoughts naman!

Anonymous said...

welcome the good vibes and abandon the bad ones this 2010. new year, new beginnings. :)

and as cliche as it may sound, time indeed heals all wounds.

lee said...

@wanderingcommunter & max: only good vibes, positive and hapy thoughts for 2010 :)

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