Monday, January 18, 2010

lonesome =)

"He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of every day... needs to reorganize his life." - George M. Adams

in two weeks time, i’ll be having my first adventure for 2010.

i will go on a grand vacation of some sort. i needed to do this before march comes or else i might not be able to have a vacation this year. work will be rigorous come march and we are expecting more work by july. last year, i was so stuck here in davao because of work – in the name of service.

a week of total relaxation, enjoyment and fun is what i need. no work to bother me (i hope. i'm keeping my fingers crossed here).

i promised myself this year to do something spontaneous. so, 2 weeks ago i booked myself a flight to metro manila. all by my lonesome. =)

this will be a first for me to travel to metro manila on my own. the last that i went there was with my family when i was still, i think, in grade 5. so, that was a very very very long time ago.

i already planned of this trip last november with the plan of meeting up with the then-SO and spend some quality time together. but due to unforeseen circumstance, the plan has changed.

So i’ll be embarking on this adventure by myself. it’s cool though.

i’ll be hopping from one relative to another. this will be my first time to reconnect with them, as i’m the only one among my siblings who have not met them.

i’m really excited for the trip. i can’t wait. i don’t know what awaits me when i get there. i still don’t even know where i will be staying for 6 days.

but i will have everything planned out. places to visit. relatives to meet. friends to reconnect with. or i might even be lucky to meet someone new ;)

i think this will be fun. i know that metro manila is way more fast-paced than the laid-back environment that i am so used to here in davao.

but, i’m so super excited! can’t wait. =)


engel said...

Hey, Happy trip. Hope you enjoy your stay here in our little city. =D

Darc Diarist said...

i love davao. if i can move there, i will.
have a safe trip! pasalubong ng durian candy! hehe

Johnny Cursive said...

cool. my dad's from davao and i love it there! enjoy manila, pero ingat din :)

Galen said...

When you get lost here, just give us a call. We'll find you. :)

MkSurf8 said...

enjoy =)

♥ ruby ♥ said...

have a good vacation! :D

Anonymous said...

have a safe trip. :)

carpe diem!!

citybuoy said...

ugh im so envious. it must feel really nice to rediscover the city.

Chuckie said...

The oxymoron title intrigued me. Traveling alone is really enjoyable. The thought of getting lost and figuring out routes and plans only by myself for the days to come thrills me. Enjoy the metro! =)

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Kailan ba dating mo sa Manila?
Ako may count down na rin.
Manila, I'm coming home!

Woot woot!


Manech said...

I love this:

"all by my lonesome. =)"

Hope you do enjoy it here. Naiingit din ako. :)

lee said...

@darc: at saan ko naman ihahatid ung pasalubong? hehehe

@galen: naku! i'm hoping i won't get lost. but, thanks :)

to the rest: thanks =D

thecuriouscat said...

haha taga davao ka? OMGee

lee said...

@xtian: hehehe yep i'm from davao. i'm guessing taga davao ka rin reading from one of your posts =D

thecuriouscat said...

not really lagi lang ako sa Davao :D

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