Monday, January 25, 2010

family affair

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Author Unknown

after six months of being married and trying, finally, a baby is coming our way.

no, it’s not mine. but my younger sister’s.

we got the good news last sunday night when she called up that the pregnancy test was positive. and everyone’s happy about it! my ate excitedly knocked on my and my younger brother’s rooms to announce the good news.

this would mean the first apo for my parents. they have been wanting this for so long and i know that they are really excited about it.

we are hoping and praying that the pregnancy goes well =D

another addition to our family!

on another note, while everyone was preparing for the family pictorial last sunday, my ate teased our brother-in-law that he will still hold the title of being my father’s favorite son-in-law, as my ate announced that she will not be marrying anytime soon. she said that my brother-in-law should take full advantage of this privilege.

as i was listening to their conversation, i kept on thinking to myself “wait ‘til i introduce my future partner, he will BE my father’s best and favorite son-in-law” lol

but then again, that won't happen anytime soon =D


Eternal Wanderer... said...


meet the parents ba itu?


domjullian said...

nice =)

engel said...


citybuoy said...

one step at a time, lee. :D haha

happy for your family. a baby is always a welcome addition. :D

Darc Diarist said...

yey, baby! i love kids. congrats! :D

lee said...

@eternal wanderer: buti sana kung may iintroduce, kaso wala hehe

@domjullian & engel: thanks :)

@citybuoy: hahaha yah one step at a time. 1st step hanap muna ng magiging partner =D

@darc: thanks! super excited na ang family! =D

Galen said...

[i]i kept on thinking to myself “wait ‘til i introduce my future partner, he will BE my father’s best and favorite son-in-law” lol[/i]

Wait till I introduce a future partner to my mom. He will BE my mother's adopted SON. Hahaha.

Aris said...

congratulations! families are great. they bring us so much happiness! :)

Anonymous said...

horaay for the baby.

as for the meet the parents set up, who knows, it just might happen. like something out of a gay indie movie where everything's possible. lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting and congrats for a new family member! :)

/iambrew said...

hahaha... meet the parents and drama...
gusto ko ang susunod na magiging BF ko ay papakilala ko sa parents ko... feeling ko magkakagulo sa house. lol.

nice blog. paLink. :)

lee said...

@galen: d ko ata naisip yan. naku! baka d na ako papansinin ng nanay ko at ang future partner na lang ang aatupagin hehehe

@aris: yep, happiness talaga basta new addition sa family. lalo na pag baby =) thanks!

@maxwell: sana nga magkatotoo hehehe (crossing fingers here)

@kuri: salamat din sa pagbisita :) balik ka ulit =D

@iambrew: hahaha feeling ko ganun din sa akin. magkakagulo tlaga =D

salamat :"> link na rin kita =D

/iambrew said...

Hi Lee. Di ako makakita ng chatbox so im posting it here. Thanks sa pagvisit... Hehehe...

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