Tuesday, June 29, 2010 5 comments

moving out

"Room service? Send up a larger room." – Groucho Marx

june 29. last of our moving out days since saturday.

the big boss, me and my staff has formally left our office a couple hours back. we will be moving on to a bigger office to take on another greater challenge and task. an intimidating thought actually. and i'm starting to get nervous thinking about the day when we will finally move in to the new office.

for the past couple of years, our office has been the witness to the growth and camaraderie that everyone has formed and been through. the laughters. the breakfast parties. the food bingeing. the chismiss. the heavy workload. the midnight overtimes. and a little bit of misunderstanding (which has been addressed immediately).

in the last two years that i’ve been with the office, i was able to become a better individual. realized potentials i never thought i had. done good things i never thought i could do. and discovered things – both admiring and despising, that helped mold better principles.

i never thought that i would last this long working in our office. i never thought i’d be capable of doing the job and responsibility that i’ve held for the past years. my patience was tested and my desire to stay on was questioned. but yet, with the encouragement that i got from my staff, the work colleagues and even from my boss, i’ve managed to stay and be still of service. and with flying colors to that. :)

as i left the office today, i still have doubts if we can take on the challenge that awaits ahead of us. i am optimistic though. we have managed to do well in past years and i think we can surpass that and become even better in our delivery of service. especially since we are being led by a good big boss. one with a genuine heart for service.

our office may now be empty with people and fixtures but we left it with wonderful and good memories that we will always remember.

and now, we are ready to fill another space - a bigger one- with more memories in the coming years. :)
Thursday, June 17, 2010 8 comments

tattoed on my mind

“Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain

your words.

your voice.

the non-sense conversations.

the sensible ones.

that warm embrace when we first met.

the first time our hands touched.

my soft kisses.

your intense kisses.

that wonderful feeling as we hugged and cuddled each other.

that sensual moment when our bodies are close to each other as we showered together. lips locked tight. drops of water trickling every inch of our bodies.

our “sleeping” moments.

your eyes.

your smile.

your body.


and i smile.


thing about you is you know just how to get me
you talk about us like there's no end in sight
the thing about me is that i really want to let you
open that door and walk into my life

- say it again, marie digby
Thursday, June 10, 2010 9 comments

an unexpected call

"I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well." - Yannick Noah


three missed calls.

unregistered number.

i did not mind who it was. but i had a feeling who.


i just couldn’t hold back.

i had to ask.

“good day! sorry i missed your call. may i know who this is pls? thanks.”

a few exchanges of texts, a call came.

confirmed. it was the ex who was calling.

after a couple of pleasantries (duh?), he asked if i was still available or if i was already taken.

he just got the timing wrong.

i am at a place right now where i am happy. really really happy.

but what got me ticked was what he said to me.

“hindi ka na talaga makapaghintay no?”

the conio in me surfaced.

“oh my god! so you’re like blaming me for everything that has happened?!”

i just let out a chuckle. but that got me really pissed.

i wanted to lash out on him. i wanted to tell him how hurt i was with what he did to me. leaving me out in the cold with no clue as to what happened to us.

but i did not. no need for that. i got my closure a long time ago.

shit ka!
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 8 comments

the bench

“For me, I sort of felt like it was kind of a fairytale... but an interesting one. I don't know of anybody who has had a romance quite like this, but I certainly know people who have stuck it out.” – Ryan Gosling

i have been sitting, waiting, looking and searching for so long.

many passed.

only few attempted to sit down and talk with me.

to get to know me.

to be with me.

all left.

i never got tired of this.

well... almost.

but, you came right in time before i got up and left the lonely bench.

thank you

for sitting down

and staying

with me.