Monday, February 22, 2010

take me

“Actually, there's nothing like being a mermaid. You get to swim in the open sea all day, explore endless wonders, it's... it's pure freedom.” – Mylie (Charmed, A Witch’s Tail)

when darc said that his new profile picture was taken at one of the resorts in samal island, i suddenly missed going to the beach.

it has been a long while since i had a chance to go to the beach.

i have always felt like i am at my happiest when i am at the beach. just being in the water, gives me a certain pleasure and enjoyment.

the feel of the sand on my feet. the warmth of the sun. the summer breeze. the feel of the warm waters on my skin. such sheer bliss.

it does not matter if i turn red and burn my skin after a whole day of swimming. i don’t care. i just love being in the water.

and i don’t content myself in just staying in the shorelines. i go far and explore the depths of the ocean. the beauty of what lies beneath the water is truly wonderful.

writing this posting takes me back to two of the most wonderful beaches i’ve been to. kanibad in samal island and that little island across mati, davao oriental. i’d love to go back there again sometime.

or maybe, explore new ones. little boracay in sta. maria, davao del sur sounds intruiging. or the white sand beaches in saranggani province seems inviting. just a couple hours ride away from the city. or, camiguin. always wanted to go there!

so, i’m taking cue from what darc said. beach tayo! =)


red the mod said...

I miss the beach. Open skies that seem to float, basking in the expanse of the heaven's warmth. The hydrated horizon, extending well beyond the visually comprehensible. The friction of sand between my toes, that lingering itch to frolic in wanton abandon amidst the shores and shallows, the littoral planes of lusted limbs, caressing your sun-kissed skin. The saltine waters, whose depths contemplate the inability of man to discover her bosom's most splendid secrets. The beach culls and calls, memories of a day when life meant sitting across the waves, smelling of salt and beaming with the chestnut tones of the summer.

I miss the beach.

citybuoy said...

dammit now i wanna go to the beach. tara beach tayo!

engel said...

may can't come soon enough. i want to go to the beach too. =)

Anonymous said...

ohhh i love beach too. kaya ako ang nagorganize ng outing dito sa office kasi gusto ko sa beach talaga. like you gusto ko din dinadama yung buhangin. the sound of waves haaaay.

can i join? LOL

Darc Diarist said...

yey, dami gusto mag-beach. beach tayo! ;)

iurico said...

ayan, napaghahalata talaga ang mga sirena by nature. LOL

Ako diiiiiiiiin! sama sa beach!

Anonymous said...

tapos na hehe

Manech said...

I seldom go to beaches. But there was this one time, in Batangas.

It wasn't white sand, it was low tide, but I felt... well, so serene.

Looking at the sea and the horizon made me feel so calm, so light, so infinitesimal.

I suspected my zodiac was right about this one. :)

the geek said...

i enjoy going to the beach, especially before the sun rises and the moment it sets...

but i avoid going when its summer. too crowded for me...

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