Sunday, February 28, 2010


"I'm paranoid. On my stationary bike, I have a rear view mirror." - Richard Lewis

it was quite a hectic week for me. office work and school papers pretty much occupied my schedule this week. good thing school’s over last saturday, a huge burden has been lifted off my mind. at least, for the next few months i’ll concentrate on just working.

i had the usual sunday activity with the family. church in the morning then lunch at the mall. after lunch, we did some mall strolling. while going down the escalator, i noticed that jollibee and his fellow mascots were at the mall’s atrium with people taking pictures with them.

you see, i have never been a fan of mascots. in fact, i’m quite scared of those giant things. i always try to get away as much as possible from them. the thought of them approaching me while people are staring is just too much for me. the sheer embarrassment. plus, i’ve always been afraid that they might lose their balance or trip and fall over me. yeah, they might look cute and all, but you never know who’s lurking inside those costumes. a stalker maybe. a deranged person. or worst, a psychotic ex-convict. thinking about it is just paranoia to the maximum level for me.

and don’t get me started with those live santa claus and santa girls that pop out during christmas. their dance moves just give me the creeps. and why do they have to stand at mall entrances?! i literally have to hold my breath whenever i pass by them. good thing they only come out during December.

i’m just blabbering here. i just don’t have anything decent to write. i think i squeezed out the last remaining brain juice that i have yesterday when i had to finish two assignments and a term paper for school. i think that’s what you get from procrastinating too much.


red the mod said...

This could be indirectly related to the fear of the unknown. Masks being able to afforded the blurring of identities and the suspension of reality creates an immunity for the wearer from the nuances of social norms. Thus deviance becomes an expected outcome. So it would be disconcerting for someone to be faced with that possibility when their fully vulnerable in their own skin.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

my friend claims that there's a trust condoms mascot called super trust. that scares me.

engel said...

the only mascot i don't like is ronald mcdonald. i hate that clown!!!

lee said...

@red: could be. it amazes me how you are able to get into the core of everything :)

@nyl: giant condoms?! waaaaahhhh scary nga lols

@engel: parang galit na galit ka ata kay mcdo hehehe

tim said...

as for my self i didn't have that fear of mascot. guess i am just brave on that..

Menthos said...

like mod said, maybe it represents a different fear altogether.

I myself is not a fan of mascots but they never did scare me either. I guess I'm just apathetic as they come :-)

Darc Diarist said...

i like dancing mascots... i'm not quite sure about dancing santas and santa girls though :)

lee said...

@tim & menthos: i wish i could be as brave and as apathetic as you are pagnakakakita ako ng mascots :)

@darc: napapaatras tlaga ako pagnakikita ko sila hehehe

Menthos said...

hahaha maybe next time, try something different. Instead of making atras, try running towards them >:p

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