Monday, August 2, 2010


“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” - Epictetus

how many times do we get to have first impressions?

i’d say in this world, more than once. in my experience, about twice or thrice.

when i started blog reading last year, i have always had a sort of mental image of how bloggers look and how they are in real life. that’s mostly based on what and how they write. sometimes i base it on their profile image. i pictured one as being short, stocky and witty. the other one tall, athletic and serious. another matured, wise and geeky looking. or maybe lanky and sarcastic. sometimes i let my imagination run wild on how i think they would be like in person.

but then, when i started writing and had the courage to connect with some of the bloggers i’ve met here, these impressions changed. from im, text and phone calls. perceptions of people actually change once the interaction with them gets, well, interactive. the way they speak, the sound and tone of their voices change the impression that i had when i was only reading them.

the most interesting part though is when i actually got to personally meet some of the people i’ve come to know here. i realized how different they are from their online personas. different in a sense that i got to see a larger part of their personality and their being. and it’s nice to say that some i got to keep as friends, offline. which is good actually because the very reason i started writing here was not only to express my thoughts, but also, to expand my network of people.

so far, despite the different and changing first impressions i’ve had with the people here, i could say all of these were good. people here are a wonderful mix. some quirky, some typical but all are amazing.


red the mod said...

Some intentionally choose to project a certain persona, to incite the reaction and perception they prefer. Some try to be as honest and transparent. Either way, knowing someone offline is world's different from online. The dynamics, the intimacy and identifications.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

yay! haha i remember you said you imagined i'd be shorter. it's always a pleasure to see you, lee. in the blogosphere and in real life, you always have a friend in me. :D

Darc Diarist said...

no comment. hahaha :P
as to how i pictured you to be... hmmmm. lol

Kane said...


All are amazing? My, you're generous aren't you? =)

But then again, impressions do change.

"Now you see me, now you don't"


iurico said...

I agree with Red on this -

"Some intentionally choose to project a certain persona, to incite the reaction and perception they prefer."

Kagaya ko, akala mo lang malandi, 'yun pala hindi. charot! hahaha.

And I agree with Kane too -

"All are amazing? My, you're generous aren't you? =)"


davidrockens said...

nice take. blogging is a universe.. i met the best people and also pathetic ones. that is to put it blatantly.

similar lang din siguro sa real life.

Manech said...

I think a certain discrepancy must exist. I don't think it'd be, well, interesting if all that one is has been laid down on paper. Or in this case, a url. And besides, can we ever?

lee said...

@red: i agree :) but discovering their offline personas is really, uhm, fun.

@cb: yey! it was nice to see you again :) oh! and did i mention you have a happy walk hehehe may konting skip, hop and bounce ang walk mo =D

@darc: ano na naman yan? :p

@kane: all are amazing.... so far hahaha

@iurico: i thought all the while you are naturally malandi lols

@davidrockens: halos parehas nga lang naman :) pero mas masaya yung nadidiscover mo yung different personas nila :)

@manceh: indeed indeed :)

iurico said...

@ Lee - ouch! haha.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

lol i hatechu gagapang nalang ako next time!!! haha

sabi nga ni tristan nun, parang may invisible manolos ako at nananakit na ang paa ko. haha joke

it was very nice to see u din. sayang lang kasi di tayo masyadong nakapag-bonding. :c

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