Sunday, August 8, 2010


"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." - Robert Frost

it’s that time of the year again.

that distinct stench will once again reign the city.

at every corner of every street.

those noticeable thorny shells piled up.

people flocking.

enjoying and feasting.

it’s durian season again!

i am a proud dabawenyo. but, if there’s one thing un-dabawenyo about me is that i never really liked durian.

the mushy texture. the bitter taste. and oh did i mention the smell?! ack!


the presence of fruits (not just durian) in the city signals the kadayawan festival. celebrated every third week of august, the kadayawan festival is a thanksgiving to the gods for the bountiful harvest that the city has received. the kadayawan festival also recognizes the contribution of the city's 10 indigenous tribe in the preservation of the city’s cultural heritage and synergizing the indigenous traditions with the modern society. it is a time when the multi-culturalism that makes davao city a melting pot of different ethnic background is best highlighted.

this year, the kadayawan festival will be held from august 16 – 22, 2010. it also coincides with the indigenous people’s day, which falls every third Friday of august.

which also means, august 20 is a holiday in davao! yippee!


Anonymous said...

i love durian. ang bango kaya nun. :P

soltero said...

awww..durian hmmm..i agree, ako din i nver liked it, kahit na ung candies ehehe...

the geek said...

stench is such a strong word...

it is a perfume to some.

Ex Jason said...

nakakainis pag naglalagay ng durian sa ref. lahat nangangamoy durian. pati tubig. lol.

akala ko fellow bisaya lang tayo. fellow dabawenyos pala. =D

iurico said...

ako din. I never liked durian. I tried. Really, I did. Pero hindi talaga kaya ng pangamoy ko. hehe

I have always wanted to visit Davao just because I havent been there. Also, I heard shoot to kill daw ang mga magnanakaw dun. hahaha.

lee said...

@jepoy: mabango?! che! lols

@soltero: kahit durian cake, ice cream, coffee ayoko rin! hahaha

@geek: ayoko talaga ng amoy nya. nakakahilo.

@ex jason: haha tumpak! imagine, durian flavored water. yaks! bisita pud dri sa davao oi hehehe

@iurico: dali punta na dito sa davao! try mo mangnakaw dito, tignan natin kung ano resulta hehehe

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