Wednesday, March 31, 2010


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” — Virginia Woolf

i am an emotional eater.

i eat when i’m happy, sad, depressed, stressed out, excited, bored or angry. to sum it up, i just eat. =) good thing i don’t get fat easily. fast metabolism, probably.

nothing beats a plain mcdo sundae to cool down the pressure from work. or the sweetness from a gooey brownie to soothe an aching heart. or even just nibbling on some cornicks to keep you busy on a very lazy day. or sipping a nice and warm sinigang on a happy, rainy sunday evening. aaaahhhh, the sheer bliss. =D

at the office, my staff would instinctively know when i’m furious. and they get all excited and happy whenever this happens. because they know that they’d be able to have and enjoy a good merienda with my fix of some good-ole mouth and tummy therapy to calm me down. also, my office drawer is never without any knick-knacks. i always have a secret stash of munching delight as my emergency relief.

i used to have a stock of oreo and chocolate chip cookies inside my room. i munch one of each cookie while watching a favourite television show. but, i had to cut down on that. family history of that “too much sweets” disease.

just yesterday evening, i had another food session with friends to soothe, let’s just say, a sad and guilty heart. a serving of seafoods pasta and two slices of seafoods pizza. i didn’t even care that i ate a lot considering it’s the holy week and the need to fast and all. i just wanted to eat.

a friend was quite impressed at how i’m still able to eat that much food at such a depressed state. but what can i say, food is my best friend during this kind of time. eating has always been a coping mechanism for me. an upper, mostly.

but, bingeing and stuffing myself with food is just a temporary fix.

having to talk to YOU was far better. truly, thank you.


Eternal Wanderer... said...


pampam nga burikat karon!


the geek said...

"at the office, my staff..."

hmmmm....i am nearly there, i think.


Darc Diarist said...

talk to me? aw, it was nothing. ahaha
just kidding :P

lee said...

@ew: burikat jud ang term?! waaaaahhhh hahaha

@geek: you're very warm na ;))

@darc: who said anything about you? of course i'm referring to... :P anyway, thanks also :)

Advent Child said...

hi lee!

virginia woolf can not have said it better.

as a response to your msg on my bloggy: by all means. i'm feeling a little bit lonely here. some company would really be appreciated. :)

happy easter!


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