Monday, January 23, 2012


“Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent. Like tattoos and marriage.” – Drew Barrymore 

i’ve been considering getting a tattoo.

straight crushie friend also said he wants to get inked. if only he had the guts to do it.

close friend said she would never consider getting a tattoo because tattoos are dirty. but said she loves the thought of having one. she would want a four leaf clover below her left eye. colored green. shimmering green. lol. originally, she would have wanted to have a tattoo of tweety bird. but she’s afraid that it wouldn’t look exactly like tweety and might look like tweety’s cousin or something. so she settled for a clover instead.

as for me, I was thinking of a trident. just behind my right ear (imagine chris brown’s star tattoo).

i would like to believe that i have a high tolerance for pain. but then again, i really don’t think i would have the courage to get a tattoo. or maybe, i'm just such a prude. lol.

for now, i’ll just stick to henna.


rudeboy said...

I once considered getting a tattoo, Lee.

Until I remembered I have commitment issues.

^travis said...

gosh. we were discussing this yesterday. i want one on my left wrist - ajajajajajajajaja - encircling it. hahahaha.

citybuoy said...

Ang funny naman. I was talking to a friend kanina about the exact same thing. Nakakatakot kasi. What if you change your mind and it's just stuck there?

Rudeboy is right. Commitment issues!

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