Monday, December 27, 2010

just a quickie

“I figure this is my time – to relax, be with my family and have a normal life.” – Candace Cameron

it’s been a while since i’ve posted something here. and in the two weeks that i haven’t been reading, there are a lot that i’ve missed.

work caught up with me these past few weeks. i’ve experienced two hell weeks. and i’m glad it was over last christmas. yes, i worked early morning 'til late in the afternoon last december 25. it was a first. but tiring as the whole thing was, i was glad the activity for that day and the past weeks went quite well, despite some misses.

and i’m excited to get my well deserved rest starting tomorrow. it will be six days of full bliss =D

i’ve warned my staff, should they have concerns, they better not text or call me. or else, i’ll get them during renewal. lol


wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw. congrats!!! huwag kasi masyadong masipag. hehehe.. enjoy your rest! happy holidays!

Nimmy said...

wow! enjoy your vacation kuya! :)

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