Tuesday, December 14, 2010

and i shall receive

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” – Pierre Corneille , Le Menteur

come monday, our office will be having a christmas party for all the department heads. and take note, it’s a breakfast christmas party. imagine that. :)

and what party wouldn’t be complete without an exchanging of christmas gifts?

so yesterday, my staff handed me a small piece of paper from the hr officer. it’s a paper to write down our wishlist with. 2 priority items.

i stared at it for a very long time.

it got me thinking. i really don’t know what gift i want to receive.

i was thinking of writing down a title of a book that my partner got to read a couple months back. but then, i thought, do i have the luxury of time to read a book? usually when i get home, i’m just too tired to even read a book.

or if i’m going to be pratical, maybe i could write that i would want to receive a signpen. It would really be useful since i sign tons of documents. but then, that would be a very boring gift to ask for.

how about food? chocolates? a shirt maybe? a planner would be nice. a good cd?

ugh! i’m just stressing too much with this wish list!

one thing i do want though. i just miss the taste of a very moist and delicious fruitcake. it’s been 2 years since i’ve had my favorite fruitcake. so, fruitcake it is! =D

one wish item down. one more to go. =)


Nimmy said...

wow! fruitcake! natakam ako bigla lee! ugh!!! hihi

the geek said...

you should have listed a pair of shoes.

impluwensiyahan ba sa pagiging shoe addict. hahaha

soltero said...

brkfast xmas party? haha parang grade skul lang lols..

hmm fruitckaes, miss ko na din yan khit super tamis lol

Nielz said...

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, and your FRUITCAKE! Sana naging meaningful and very happy yung Pasko mo. :D

Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok, baka maputulan. lol. :P

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