Thursday, April 8, 2010

not always the best policy

"There are only two ways of telling the complete truth - anonymously and posthumously." - Thomas Sowell

honesty, they say, is one of the most esteemed virtues one person may have.

i could say, in more ways, honesty and i have really acquainted quite well. i'd like to believe it is one of my strengths.

but, most definitely, it is also one of my weaknesses.

in the past couple of days, i experienced how honesty can be such a bitch and how just keeping my mouth shut would have been better. my mouth has, for most of the time, blurtted out stuff faster than my brain could say “stop!”.

i regret having told what was in my mind and what was in mt heart. i regret being honest. too honest.

as they say, “certain things are better left unsaid”.

i wish i could have shoved my fist inside my mouth to stop me from blabbering and spilling out what has been bugging me during those times. i wish that i could have thought things through first before opening my mouth. and this is such a big slap on the face for someone who usually overthink things. it’s kind of ironic, actually.

i wear my heart on my sleeves. always. i, more often than not, express what i feel. i can’t stand holding back and not telling. that’s who i am.

i really think maybe i just need to learn to stop, to analyze and to just keep my f@#*ing mouth shut when i have to.

honesty they say is a very admiring virtue. but this time, because of honesty, i got myself in trouble and in pain. because of honesty, i have hurt someone. because of honesty, it got me thinking, overthinking once again, even more. honesty is really not that admirable... at the moment.

i am hoping that, the next time, honesty will be on my side again.

i guess, honesty, you’ll just have to take a back seat... for now.


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