Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Nobody has the right to wreck your day, let alone your life. And guess what? Nobody does, you do..." - Gary Fenchuk

for some weird reason, when i woke up this morning i felt really happy. it’s as if everything is in its proper place and order already.

i think i have found my peace. :)

lately, my mind has been really pre-occupied with a lot things.

but, i realized that, yes, things are good. really, really good.

with work, with people around me, and of course with me.

despite stress and work pressure, i caught myself smiling several times today. even giggling at times.

so yeah, i'm just happy for no apparent reason. never felt any better. =D

it has been a while since i have had this kind of feeling.

so this afternoon, i’ll walk to our family’s office with my trusted ipod on my ear and strut the streets to my feel good song on loop.



Dhon said...

i prefer... theme songs from ally mcbeal

Advent Child said...

sunshine bliss! :)

Anonymous said...

so happy to know that ur happy lee :)

needle said...

dahil happy ka chief, happy na din ako. ;)

(iba talaga epekto ng sobrang enervon.)

lee said...

@dhon: i love songs from ally mcbeal. number 1 syempre ung searching my soul :D

@advent child: yep2 :D

@jepoy: thanks. at happy din ako because you're also happy. yihiiii =D

@needle: thanks! :) hmmmm... do i know you?

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

guilty pleasure ko ang paradiso girls!! haha i'm happy you're happy. tuloy mo yan. :D

thecuriouscat said...

ana gyud ba, dapat happy gyud pirmi

lee said...

@nyl: i loooove paradiso girls!!! :D

@xtian: yep, dapat pirmi happy. mas tawhay ang paminaw hehehe

Mac Callister said...

ahhh,,maybe its a sign that u need a professional help when your smiling alone?kidding!

thats the spirit!life is not always serious,we need to enjoy it and appreciate the good small things...

lee said...

@mac callister: so parang nababaliw na ako? hahaha yep! enjoying what life brings, whether big or small =D

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