Friday, July 22, 2011

smiling aparador

“I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch.” – Gilda Radner

for the past months, i’ve felt a bit sloppy. i haven’t been my usual self in terms of dressing up.

people used to notice how well dressed i am. no, i’m really not a fashion-savvy person. i don’t wear the trendiest of clothes or the latest in fashion. but people always compliment me with the outfits that i wear and how well i carry myself. and lately, i haven’t gotten any of that.

plus, i haven’t updated my wardrobe for more than a year now. my latest buys were mostly plain t-shirts, which of course, i cannot wear at the office. just imagine how kupas my so little available wardrobe is.

and for weeks, i have been itching to buy new clothes to the point that i’m having anxiety attacks. lol.

so last sunday, i shopped like crazy (with my mom in tow :D). i think i bought a whole week’s worth of new outfits. though my pocket is quite sad, but my aparador is, i’m sure, very happy.

i’m really pleased with the purchases i’ve made. i was able to buy:

- a gray pants (for the first time)
- a black-on-black pinstripe pants
- a pinstripe, maroon short-sleeved polo
- a striped brown long-sleeved polo
- a striped navy blue long-sleeved polo
- a muted gray long-sleeved polo
- a gray long-sleeved shirt
- 2 pairs of sneakers (which i was able to buy for the price of 1. so happy!)
- 3 undies :D

and on the next payday, i will buy me some more. hahahaha. maybe i’ll buy a new pair of dark denim jeans and maybe some more long-sleeved polo. i will be sticking to the basics (as suggested by my partner).

oh! also, maybe a new pair of leather shoes. excited. lol.

and yes, everything i’m wearing today is new. down to the underwear. hahaha


the geek said...

hurrah for gray!!!

^travis said...

good for you!

im monochromatic most of the time in just shades black, blue or white for the office and black or blue for play.

Nishiboy said...

lee, may email ako sayo.

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