Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perserverance and application?" - Confucius

i am not chinese.

but i grew up as one.

a lot of people ask me if i am chinese. i always answer them “no, i only studied in a chinese school and i only look like one”. and i always get a somewhat surprised reaction.

for the 12 years of my school life before college, i was in a crowd full of chinese kids. i was one of the very few students who is not chinese. and being in that kind of environment i think made me the person that i am today. i can’t pin-point exactly, but there times when i say to myself that i am acting too chinese.

i remember every time our school celebrates its foundation day, i always pray that i’d be pick to participate in one of those chinese dances. i’ve always wanted to do that martial arts dance, the one with the giant fan. but i was never picked. i only got to do those chinese speech choirs. Most of which i don’t even care to understand.

up until now, there are still chinese songs that i have memorized, well mostly. I smile everytime i remember our chinese graduation song in high school.

peng you i sheng i chi chou. na she reh chr poo tsay you. lol

too bad, i took for granted all the chinese lessons that i had. i can understand the language but i could never really speak it fluently.

i visited my alma mater during the chinese new year’s eve to witness their celebration. and it brought back fond memories. memories of learning. memories of friendships. memories of growing up.

and i miss those times.

i am not chinese.

but i love that i grew up as one.

oh! and i can only multiply numbers in chinese! =D


Nishiboy said...

naks naman. eh di alam mo din yung kinakanta ni kim chiu?

teka, taga gensan ka ba?

lee said...

@nishiboy: oo pwede kaming magduet lol. taga-davao gyud ko oi :p

Nishiboy said...

naay chinese school sa davao? haha. wala lagi ko kabalo.

hoy! taga davao man diay ka! wa man ka nagsaba! wa nuon ta nagkita atong bakasyon. two days gud ko didto.

lee said...

hahahaha naa oi. 4 ka chinese schools naa dri sa davao.

sa sunod nga mubisita ka diri pwede ta magkita hehehe

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiment. Me too, I only look Chinese but I am mostly Filipino. Sometimes I wish I'm really Chinese though. LOL :)

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