Monday, October 25, 2010

pucker up

"Vanity is so secure in the heart of man that everyone wants to be admired: even I who write this, and you who read this." - Blaise Pascal

okay, so here’s the thing. i am a certified lip balm addict.

i can’t leave home without one in my pocket. maybe it’s a fixation with always wanting to have soft and luscious lips all the time.

i have used several brands of lip balms. from the cheap ones to the very pricey ones. sticks, tubes and yes, even those roll-on types. flavored and bland. but, of course, i have never tried the ones with color.

right now, i’m using a lip balm that my partner gave me. well, technically i took it from him. it’s actually good. applies well and has that cool, minty feel to it.

but there’s this one specific lip balm product that was really perfection. i swear i had the softest, most smooth lips when i was using that product. too bad though they stopped selling it here a couple of years ago.

so, it was a delight when i found out from a friend, who’s now in japan, that she found the product there. of course, i asked her to buy some from me. syempre di pwedeng isang box lang pabili ko, i asked her to send me 1 box of lip moisturizer. hoarder-much? lol

i have to wait til december, though. but, it will be worth the wait, definitely.

right in time for my birthday and christmas! yipee! =)


Nimmy said...

ano ung sa'yo?

ChapStick Spearmint ang akin. i stole this from my partner. hihi

Mu[g]en said...

Confession time:

Never ko pa nasubukan mag lip balm. Hehehe.

Mac Callister said...

ako im using this mary kay lip balm that my friend gave to me!

pero di naman ako kasing adik mo haha!minsan nakakalimutan ko siya gamitin promise!

kaloy said...

nivea - yay! but nothing beats petroleum jelly before bedtime - promise lips don't just become softer, they become succulent to an anjelina jolie effect... wahahahahaha!

Pipo said...

Ako din! Pero cheap lang saken. Chapstick. Hahaha.

lee said...

@nimmy: mine's oral labs chap ice. ang lamig lamig sa lips hihihi

@mugen: ok lng yan hehehe ako kailangan kasi mag lip balm. my lips chap easily kasi. or maarte lng talaga ako lol

@maccalister: hehehe uneasy lng kapag walang lip balm

@kaloy: ay oo nivea! heheheh halos lahat ata ng nivea lip balm na try ko na

@pipo: mint chapstick - the best! =D

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