Saturday, September 11, 2010

hello birdie

“Virginity is a bubble in the froth of life - one prick and it's gone” - Anonymous

i have this friend.

the barkada has been egging her to confess.

apparently, she’s still a virgin she says.

because that’s what she is telling us, so ok, i “believe” her.

just a week ago, she said that her boyfriend will now be leaving for canada to work.

and so, i kidded her.

so, ibibigay mo na ba ang bandera mo sa kanya?

of which she did not answer.

o cge ganito na lang, nakita mo na ba dingdong nya?

the answer that i got was that she got to see someone else’s accidentally. and besides, “it’s all the same”, she said.

of course, i reacted. “oh no dear! it comes in different shapes and sizes.

and then, she just laughed and became silent.

to break the silence, i said, “gusto mo ako na lang tumingin for you?

and have i mentioned that her boyfriend’s got big hands?



wanderingcommuter said...

nyahahaha... what a sweet friend. lol

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

big hands? parang little red riding hood lang yan. the better to ________ you with. lol.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

pampam ka jud!

pwede rin ba makitingin? lolz

soltero said...

ahahah isa kang ahas!

pero cute ba ung BF ni friend? ehehe :P

Bleeding Angel said...

wahhh smart kid....

Manech said...

Well at least you could give her an informed judgment after. :D

Nimmy said...

wahahaha. nice one!

it comes in different shapes and sizes.
... and color! bwahahaha

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