Monday, July 12, 2010

seeing red

"There's nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively." - Wayne Dyer

who the hell do you think you are?!

wa koy labot kung mapasmo ka ug ang imong pamilya!

dili obligasyon sa among opisina nga pakaonon mo. mao gani nga naa ka dra sa imong ginatrabahuan para buhion nimo imong pamilya. baga jud kag face bah!

kung ginatolerate ka tungana, well, karon magdusa ka!

the more that you are sending me those paconsensya text messages, the more i will ignore you.

and i really don’t care that you’re working in that specific field.

remember, you are responsible for putting food in your family’s table. not ours! my god! to think you are an able-bodied person. you should work hard and not just wait to be given goods every month.

there are other less fortunate people more deserving of the help that we extend than you do.

take full responsibility of your life. don’t depend so much on other people.

wa koy labot nimo!

the sheer frustration on these kinds of people, ugh!


Ex Jason said...

hala, nasuko gyud ug taman. kalma lang bai. iingon na sa ilaha aron mabal-an nila nang imong frustration.

soltero said...

oh ... that's not new to me.. i personally know 2 families, wherein the sons/daughters in pinas do not work & rely on the monthly padala from their parents here.

e langya, lahat meron ng own family but they don't work. also i heard na kapag nale late yata makapag remit, nagtetext agad yung mga anak, galit pa ahahaha..pag nasanay nga naman :P

engel said...

i understood this!!! =D

yeah, ignore those people. don't let them ruin your good mood.

good vibes only lee!! =D

wanderingcommuter said...


kunyari naintindihan ko! hehe

tim said...

sometimes it takes hardship to let the person know he deserves happiness..

for me it is a challenge for someone to feed people who never deserved to be, but with an open heart and with gladness " pwede naman siguro"

because at the end, you will reap the great benifits that is coming from heaven.. Gd is great and he knows what you feel, and how you struggle.. and He will pay this bountifully..

We just need to think that he will only do it, if your heart is pure and without rashes...

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