Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"Before I speak, I have something important to say" - Groucho Marx

i am a bomb waiting to explode.

i am quiet. i keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

but, i cannot take it anymore. somehow, i just need the feel to expose myself. just to let it all out.

it's here where i will reveal myself. i will ramble and i will rant. at times, i will be crazy and be silly. but there will be times when i will be serious and show how emo i can be.

starting from now, i will no longer be silent.

"hi! i am LEE!"

and this is where i will SPEAK.


engel said...

Why do i feel that i know you, but in any case. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!

lee said...

thanks for dropping by engel. and more thanks for the welcome :)

Anonymous said...


Explode now.

Am with you.

Chuckie said...

Yay, another blogger. Putukan na! Looking forward to your entries. Happy new year! :)

lee said...

@ atomicdumb and chuckie: thank you :) i hope to see more of you here.

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